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PRODUCTION GUIDE TABLE OF CONTENTS O3. STAFF DIRECTORY O4. GENERAL INFORMATION O7. SEATING & FLOOR CAPACITIES 18. BACKSTAGE 23. ELECTRICAL SHOW POWER 2 4 . EQUIPMENT 26. RIGGING AND STAGEHAND SERVICES 28. PERMITTING 2 9 . INSURANCE AND INDEMNIFICATION 30. SECURITY 31. EVENT MARKETING 34. ON-SITE ACTIVATIONS 34. MERCHANDISE/NOVELTIES 35. FOOD AND BEVERAGE/CATERING 36. ARENA RULES AND REGULATIONS 40. PARKING r• PAGE o3 STAFF DIRECTORY MANAGEMENT JOE IMBRIACO General Manager Joalmbriacoospectraxp.com 1407.823.0128 LAVAR SMITH Assistant General Manager Lavar.Smith©spectraxp.com 1407823.0330 MARKETING/GROUP SALES ALLISON DOBIN Director of Marketing Allison.Dobingspectraxp.com I 407.823.6366 VALENTINA RODRIGUEZ Marketing Manager Vatentina.Rodriguez®spectraxp.com I 407.823.6363 STAN MACKO Group Sales Manager Stan.Macko®spectraxp.com I 407.823.6062 BOX OFFICE GREG GILBERTSON Director of Ticketing Greg.Gilbertson®spectraxp.com I 407.823.6009 FINANCE NICOLE WILLIAMS Director of Finance Nicole.Williams®spectraxp.com I 407.823.6005 RENAE TUCKER Office Manager Renae.Tucker®spectraxp.com I 407.823.3230 EVENT MANAGEMENT BIANCA MALDONADO Event Manager Bianca. Maldonado©spectraxp.com I 407.823.6651 HOPE PACCIONE Event Manager Hope.Paccione©spectraxp.com I 407.823.6358 OPERATIONS DAN HEWITT Senior Operations Manager DanieL.Hewitt®spectraxp.com I 407.882.0021 DILLON HUSTER Operations Manager Dillon.Huster®spectraxp.com I 407.823.0517 JACKIE MORRIS Operations Coordinator Jackie. Morris©spectraxp.com I 407.823.0516 'V41111111 1111111imusisom loonamplin !gummy mum rnrst!112111, 11:11111iiii1ii1i PAGE 04 GENERAL INFORMATION ADDRESS/SHIPPING ADDRESS Addition Financial Arena University of Central Florida 12777 Gemini Blvd N. Building 50 Orlando, Florida 32816 Tel: 407.823.3070 Fax: 407.882.0010 Website: www.AdditionFiArena.com MANAGEMENT Addition Financial Arena, managed by Spectra Venue Management, is home to the UCF Men's and Women's basketball programs, as well as concerts, family shows, and other attractions for the Central Florida area. Spectra is an industry Leader in hosting and entertainment, partnering with clients to create memorable experiences for millions of visitors every year. Spectra's unmatched blend of integrated services delivers incremental value for clients through several primary areas of expertise: Venue Management, Food Services & Hospitality, and Partnerships. FACILITY HISTORY Addition Financial Arena is a 252,000 square foot multipurpose, air-conditioned facility that opened in September 2007. This state-of-the-art facility houses 17,000 square feet of exhibition space which can be utilized for basketball or adapted for various sports such as volleyball, wrestling, gymnastics, cheerleading, boxing, MMA, and weightlifting. The arena facility can also be transformed for concerts and banquets or as a convention/trade show event. Suites, meeting rooms, locker/dressing rooms, a training room, kitchen, and seven concession stands are also housed in the facility. PAGE 05 GENERAL INFORMATION ORLANDO MARKET Orlando is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, with a metropolitan population of over 2 million people, making it the 7th largest metropolis in the Southeast United States. Orlando International Airport is the 13th busiest airport in the United States and the 34th busiest airport in the world. Orlando is best known for its tourism industry, which attracts over 75 million visitors each year. Famous Orlando attractions include Walt Disney World Resort, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios. Along with being the number one tourist destination in the United States, Orlando is also a center for digital media, aviation, agricultural technology, aerospace, software design, and bio medicine. Orlando is also known for its beautiful weather, boasting an average annual temperature of 82 degrees. ARENA LOCATION Addition Financial Arena is located on the campus of the University of Central Florida, which is currently the second Largest university in the United States with over 68,000 students and 13,000 faculty and staff. UCF has made noted research contributions in areas such as digital media, engineering and computer science, education, and hospitality management. The UCF Knights are all-sport members of the American Athletic Conference. Located on the east side of Orlando, the arena is easily accessed from all major roadways. With a population of 2.8 million within a 50-mile radius, Addition Financial Arena has become a prime location for concerts, family shows, and sporting events. Strategically located twenty minutes from downtown Orlando, go minutes from Tampa, and three hours from Jacksonville, the arena is easily accessible via route 417 or route 408. MAJOR EVENTS • Lady Gaga- SOLD OUT • Katy Perry - SOLD OUT • Paw Patrol Live! • Michael Buble - SOLD OUT • Tool - SOLD OUT • Five Finger Death Punch • Carrie Underwood - SOLD OUT • HiLlsong United - SOLD OUT • DJ Tiesto • Reba McEntire - SOLD OUT • Tyler, The Creator - SOLD OUT • Stone Temple Pilots • Elton John - SOLD OUT • Sarah Brightman • Lady A • The Killers - SOLD OUT • Harlem Globetrotters • Adam Sandler • Brooks and Dunn w/ Alan Jackson -• Tony Bennett • Paul Simon SOLD OUT • Kid Rock • Kevin Hart • Fall Out Boy - SOLD OUT • Kings of Leon • Miranda Lambert • Avenged Sevenfold - SOLD OUT • Mike Epps • Bob Dylan • Wiz Khalifa - SOLD OUT • Winter Jam • Sesame Street Live! PAGE o6 GENERAL INFORMATION USEFUL TELEPHONE NUMBERS Police: 407.823 5555 Fire: 407 836.9111 Emergency: 911 AdventHealth East Orlando Hospital: 407.277.8110 PREFERRED LOCAL HOTELS The Celeste Hotel 4105 North Alafaya Trail I Orlando, FL 32826 407.207.4700 Website: http://thecelestehotel.com Use Offer Code UOF for an Addition Financial Arena discount when booking Residence Inn by Marriott Orlando East/UCF 11651 University Blvd. I Orlando, FL 32817 I 407.513.9000 Website: http://residenceinnucf.com Use Offer Code UOF for an Addition Financial Arena discount when booking Courtyard by Marriott/UCF 12000 Collegiate Way I Orlando, FL 32817 I 407.277.7676 Website: http://couk Lyarducf.com Use Offer Code UOF for an Addition Financial Arena discount when booking TownePlace Suites by Marriott Orlando 11801 High Tech Ave. Orlando, FL 32817 407.243.6100 Website: http://towneplacesuitesucf.com Use Offer Code UOF for an Addition Financial Arena discount when booking CELESTE Residence Inn Aarnott COURTYARD Aarnott TOWN EPLACE SUITES MARRIOTT PAGE 07 SEATING & FLOOR CAPACITIES ARENA MAIN FLOOR DIMENSIONS 16,235 sq.ft (191' x 85') with Seats Pushed In (North and South Seats retracted) 10,540 sq. ft. (124' x 85') with all Seats Pushed Out/Extended *The floor load is 250 pounds per square foot. CONCERT AND SPORTS CAPACITIES Configuration Seat Count Half House Reserved Floor 5,201 Half House GA Floor 5,339 3/4 House Reserved Floor 6,642 3/4 House GA Floor 6,554 End Stage 180 Reserved Floor 7,864 End Stage 180 GA Floor 8,056 End Stage 270 Reserved Floor 9,217 End Stage 360 Reserved Floor 9,986 Basketball 9,574 Wrestling/Boxing 9,993 Note: All capacities are subject to change depending on the event requirements. Capacities do not include production kills including the mix. PAGE o8 SEATING & FLOOR CAPACITIES GENERAL ADMISSION SEATING General admission or open floor seating is permitted only with arena management approval. A temporary moat (barricade) will extend around the floor to limit access to the floor. SEATS Fixed seating consists of 9,465 seats. 7,113 are non-cushioned Irwin manufactured seats, 502 are upholstered Irwin manufactured seats, and the other 1,850 seats are bench seating located in the north end zone. Portable chairs are upholstered and interlocking and are used on the arena floor (total depends on event set-up). ADA SEATING Addition Financial Arena complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 1990. BOX OFFICE/TICKETING Addition Financial Arena is affiliated with Ticketmaster. Tickets to arena events are available at the Arena Box Office, Ticketmaster.com, or the Ticketmaster mobile app. Addition Financial Arena Box Office hours are Monday-Friday gam-5pm. Additional hours of operation are subject to event schedule. The Box Office information telephone number is (407) 823-6006. Our Box Office does not recommend buying tickets from a third-party ticketing site as refunds or assistance with ticketing issues are not guaranteed at the venue. 111111[1 1111111 11111 II II!tillIli SEATING & FLOOR CAPACITIES PAGE 09 HALF HOUSE RESERVED FLOOR SUITES LU (J) 2 Level Seats Floor Reserved 412 Lower Reserved 2.403 • Upper Reserved 2.306 • K$Ils 80 Total 5.201 SEATING & FLOOR CAPACITIES PAGE 10 HALF HOUSE GA FLOOR SUITES -..:.7i-W-.. E-. 1./ • ./7. ............._ ....E.:1 " ; / --- 7--. ., .• .................... -=== Level Seats GA Floor 550 :•' Lower Level 2.403 • Upper Level 2.306 • Kills 80 Total 5.339 SEATING & FLOOR CAPACITIES PAGE ii 3/4 HOUSE RESERVED FLOOR SUITES uJ 1 \ 1. ail 11 1111 1101111111111 1 1 1:111"1 Oil wil him!! 11111111111 . 1 11 1 1 , 1 1111111111111111110111111111111111 11 I 1 .1 1.1 .1, 111 11111111111111111111 1 11111111 1 .J1111-=1111 1111 11 1111 1 111 11 if ::::::: "W ............ Level Seats Reserved Floor 938 Lower Level 3.023 • Upper Level 2.569 • Kills 112 Total 6.642 SEATING & FLOOR CAPACITIES PAGE 12 3/4 HOUSE GA FLOOR 107 SUITES 41= LOOR 41(1111111 I Ait ..... ..... 09 ;:iia137::: 20zi Level Seats GA Floor 850 Lower Level 3.023 • Upper Level 2.569 • Kills 112 Total 6.554 SEATING & FLOOR CAPACITIES PAGE 13 END STAGE 180 RESERVED FLOOR LU SUITES FtE3 • ., „ • ini I: I I 11111 11m ? I 11 '?III i I I .1! Hi1 lii III 111114"11 MIX 77-7 .... 2fEZC1 Level Seats Reserved Floor 1.204 Lower Level 3.751 • Upper Level 2.797 • Kills 112 Total 7,864 SEATING & FLOOR CAPACITIES PAGE 14 END STAGE 180 GA FLOOR iiEZ IV -Pk:: === = s..........___ -. .: • ‘,,-.:.: .:•.:.. a s • . uJ L.7 (f) MIX I : . Level Seats GA Floor 1.400 Lower Level 3.747 Upper Level 2.797 Ktr's 112 Total 8.056 II I II I III I I t •• ill Hr. Hflu ll II SEATING & FLOOR CAPACITIES PAGE 15 END STAGE 270 RESERVED FLOOR S. .-- •.• • -421F5r. 1111S11111111111111111111 11111111 TID-77 .•• I III : I „ 71:02 • I I 111111111 11111 11111 i VIII; I= II 111111 *** •••• .... .sz„ffil ffistEET :2 Level Seats Reserved Floor 1272 .: Lower Level 4.561 • Upper Level 3.272 • Kills 112 Total 9217 SEATING & FLOOR CAPACITIES PAGE 16 END STAGE 360 RESERVED FLOOR Li) SUITES —== = = 's • • 5.4"7-3 7.== i I 11••!?•, I? I oth MIX I 0-- isfEE ***** Level Seats Reserved Floor 1,272 Lower Level 5,237 • Upper Level 3.365 • Kills 11. Total 9.986 PAGE 17 SEATING & FLOOR CAPACITIES BASKETBALL A portable basketball floor 112'x6o' is available. SUITES Level Seats • Courtstde 200 • Lower 5,508 Club - Lower 502 Upper 3 364 • Kills 0 Total 9.574 PAGE 18 BACKSTAGE EVENT LEVEL ROOMS Room Name SQ. FEET Showers Restrooms Promoter Office 153 Auxiliary Office 108 Green Room 809 Star Dressing Room Suite (2 sides) -Main common area 324 -Left Side Dressing Room 198 X X -Right Side Dressing Room 203 X X Dressing Room 2 503 X X Locker Room 1 378 X X Locker Room 2 259 X X Locker Room 3 259 X X Locker Room 4 378 X X Press Work Room 352 PROMOTER OFFICE AUXILIARY OFFICE PAGE 19 GREEN ROOM STAR DRESSING ROOMS PAGE 20 BACKSTAGE DRESSING ROOM 2 LOCKER ROOMS PRESS WORK ROOM PAGE 21 Main Arena Lower Level Rooms PAGE 22 FREIGHT ELEVATOR Freight Elevator #1: 4,500 Lb weight capacity Dimensions: 5'8" W x 8'8"0 x 7'4" H Access Door: 4' W x 7'H LOAD IN INFORMATION Addition Financial Arena's Loading dock is Located on West Plaza Drive. It is on the NW side of the Arena. There are four (4) bay doors - three (3) with dock Leveling capabilities and one (1) at ground height. Bay Door 1 & 2: 8'w x io'h Bay Door 3: 9.5'w x 12'h Bay Door 4: 12'w x 12'h Bay Door to Arena Floor: 15.5'w x 12'h; bleacher height inside door is 9.5'h Distance from Loading Dock Bay Door to Front of House Mix: go' Push from Loading Dock to Arena Floor: 43' There is adequate parking to unload up to four (4) trucks at one time. Please note we will go over parking of trucks and buses during the advancement of your show. PAGE 23 Show power is Located in all four corners of the floor. Show power consists of four (4) 400-amp services and four (4) 200-amp services. All are 3 phase, 120/208 volts. Power is located 75' from stage center. Two (2) additional 400-amp services are Located 75' from the front of house mix. Shore power is also available for buses and TV production trucks. There is a 400-amp and 200-amp -- all 3 phase. Power connections are all camlock. tion Amp Voltz nag Northwest Vomitory Stage Right (2) 400 3 120/208 (2) 200 3 120/208 Northeast Vomitory Stage Left (2) 400 3 120/208 (2) 200 3 120/208 Southeast Vomitory (1) 400 3 120/208 Southwest Vomitory (1) 400 3 120/208 Shore Power (Outside) (1) 400 3 120/208 (1) 200 3 120/208 (I) < z LIJ CC < _1 < 0 z z< z 0 E 0 < 0 I= 1— m n >. -LI-a_ i_ < 0 2 ra. w co 0 0 0 z _1 < I-L ce cp oo - a_ PAGE 24 EQUIPMENT STAGING • Stage Right Staging Equipment: Height Range from 48"-72" • Stages built in 8'x4' increments (Deck Size) • Risers: Height Range from 8"-24" • Barricade: (Stage Right) 120' mesh barricade CC-500. Sections = 4' wide; 56" deep • ADA Ramp available • Mixer Platform: Standard mix size is 24'x24' with a distance of approximately go' from the DSE to the front of the mix SPOTLIGHTS • (6) Lycian 12go XLT 2K Xenon Spotlights o Two (2) live in the catwalk o Four (4) additional can be placed on the South Inner bowl concourse HOUSE LIGHTING • The house lights can be controlled from either the arena floor or concourse level sound booth. • Lighting controls have several programs that can be used for various event lighting scenes. • The event lighting consists of 80 Ephesus Lumadapt G8 LED fixtures. Fixtures have integrated RGB changing capabilities as well as a dimming function. • Fixtures are capable of output of up to 50,000 lumens. Foot candle levels for typical sporting events average 208 Horizontal and 146 Vertical. SOUND SYSTEM • State-of-the-art house sound system providing a full range of high power sound to all seats in the arena. • The system is made up of a custom, full range, sound cluster suspended above the scoreboard from the catwalk throughout the center. • A small portable PA is available for specialty mixing on the floor and for small speaking engagements. • The sound control room is located on the concourse level. • There are multiple XLR inputs around the arena walls at floor level to a patch in the sound control room. • Individual speakers are located at concession stands, bathrooms, suites, main lobby, and function rooms. • The arena is also equipped with an in-house listening device system for the hearing impaired. PAGE 25 EQUIPMENT PODIUMS • Two (2) Available FORKLIFTS • Total of Two (2) o (1) Toyota Forklift Truck - max height reached =131" ? Height of unit is 80" - Free lift 5" ? Capacity = 6,000 lbs as 28" load center o (i) Hyster - max height reached = 179" ? Height of unit is 85.5" - Free lift 5.5" ? Capacity = 2,500 lbs as 28" load center PALLET JACKS • Total of Three (3) • Capacity of each is 6,000 lbs BIKE RACK • 8 ft sections - inventory approximately 130 STANCHION BARRIER • Please contact your Event Manager for available inventory ARIEL WORK PLATFORM • Scissor Lift Electric Genie (max height 38' reached) • Scoreboard trim clearance height is 38' CONCERT SEATING • 1,200 Black Padded Seats PIPE & DRAPE • 500 feet worth of black P&D (8' height) TRUSS CURTAIN SIZES • Center = g6' x 5o' • Outer/ Side Truss = 74' x 5o' COMMUNICATIONS • Arena 2-way Radios (Motorola): work building wide on different frequencies • Clear Corn wireless units (8 units available) PRODUCTION PHONE LINES • Please contact your Event Manager for setup EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT • Fire sprinklers, smoke sensors, and fire extinguishers are located throughout the arena and office areas. • An emergency generator will provide power in case of a power failure. BASKETBALL EQUIPMENT • Type of Floor: Connor Sports • Hoop Style & Brand: Spalding Baskets & Rims • Rim is a Spalding SID18o Vision Rim • Basket is a Spalding SP 10 (we have 3 baskets) • Scorers Table (Static): We have 10 ft & 8 ft models; both are 32" high • Digital Ad Panel: Daktronics Brand; 102" (8.5 ft) long & 34" high PAGE 26 RIGGING AND STAGEHAND SERVICES RIGGING Distance from the arena floor to low steel is 54' to 58' due to an arch roof. Distance from floor to high steel is 67' to 71'. Most bays measure 16' x 12' which gives the ability to make most of the points dead hangs. There are no East to West beams to rig off of. Each panel point can hold 4,500 Lbs. per panel point and most points will be hung from the Low steel. The total rigging grid can hold up to 120,000 lbs. ALL show rigging plans, including the weight of each point, must be submitted to and approved by Addition Financial Arena management before any rigging is done. STAGEHANDS Spectra Venue Management, operator and manager of Addition Financial Arena, is in contract with IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees). IATSE is a union labor workforce. All labor needs will go through your Event Manager and the facility at all times. ADDITION FINANCIAL ARENA 180 GA FLOOR MAP WITH GRID, RIGGING AND STAGEHAND SERVICES RIGGING CAPACITIES - MAIN TRUSS TRUSS A MAX CAPACITY 20,000Ibs - TRUSS B MAX CAPACITY 55,000Ibs TRUSS C MAX CAPACITY 20,000Ibs 4,500Ibs per Panel Point Distance Between North & South Rigging Beams is 12' Distance Between East & West Rigging Beams is 16' TOTAL RIGGING CAPACITY FOR END OR CENTER STAGE NOT TO EXCEED 120,000Ibs PAGE 27 I 11111111,14,111.111111Nilli.. PAGE 28 PERMITTING SPECIAL PERMITS NEEDED Special permit applications for the following activities shall be made to the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) on the campus of the University of Central Florida. All permits need to be submitted thirty (3o) days prior to the event. • Display and operation of any unusual electrical, mechanical or chemical device, which may present a hazard. The device, its application and the operation itself, must be approved by, but not limited to EHS. • Display or operation of any heater, barbeque, open flame, candles, lamps, torches, etc. • Use or storage of flammable liquids, compressed gases or dangerous chemicals, as determined by the Fire Marshal. • Any pyrotechnics, fireworks or special effects display or process. • Any unusual use of motorized vehicle inside a structure. • Any special cooking requirements. This includes cooking inside of the arena, locker rooms, or areas where cooking is not normally done. Any mobile kitchens must be up to date with all codes including propane usage and storage on or within their vehicle. • Tents in excess of 100 sq. feet (i.oXio) erected inside and/or outside the host facility. A separate permit will be required by EHS. Permitting forms are available from the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). Local assistance can also be given from your Event Manager representing the facility. FIRE LANES AND FIRE PROTECTION EQUIPMENT • Booth displays, signs, etc., shall not block or obstruct any fire hose, fire extinguishers, fire alarm pull stations or any other fire protection appliance inside of the Arena. A certified fire watch representative must be on duty during an event. • No fire department equipment outside of the building shall be obstructed or blocked in any way. This includes sprinkler system valves, standpipes, hydrants, fire escape/ smoke evacuation roll up doors, fire command rooms, or any item, location or device designated for protection use. • No vehicles shall be parked in the fire lanes outside of the Arena. PAGE 29 INSURANCE AND INDEMNIFICATION INSURANCE Addition Financial Arena requires all clients/licensees, at their own cost and expense, to obtain their own commercial general liability insurance in the name of the Licensee. Such insurance shall be written with a limit of at least One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage liability, personal injury liability and coverage for all acts and/or omissions of any employees, agents, players, performers, contractors or sub-contractors retained by Licensee. Such insurance shall be endorsed to be primary to and not contributory with any coverage of Licensor, Global Spectrum LP, University of Central Florida Convocation Corporation, University of Central Florida Athletic Association, Inc., UCF, the Board of Trustees of the University of Central Florida, and the State of Florida, which may be applicable to the claim. Licensee shall also cause the required policy of insurance to be endorsed to include Licensor, Global Spectrum LP, UCF Convocation Corporation, University of Central Florida Athletic Association, Inc., UCF, the Board of Trustees of the University of Central Florida, and the State of Florida as additional insureds. Licensee shall also maintain, at its own cost and expense, Workman's Compensation Insurance in respect of its players, performers and other employees. Licensee shall also maintain, at its own cost and expense, with insurance companies currently rated A VIII or better by Best's Key Rating Guide, commercial automobile liability insurance, including coverage for the operation of owned, leased, hired and non-owned vehicles, in the minimum amount of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) per accident, combined single limit for personal injury and property damage. Certificates evidencing insurance shall be provided to Additional Financial Arena no less than ten (10) days prior to the event day. The policies shall also provide, and the certificate shall so note, that the coverages may not be canceled or that a major change in coverage may not be implemented without at least thirty (3o) days' prior written notice given to Addition Financial Arena. INDEMNIFICATION Licensee agrees to indemnify, defend, save and hold harmless Licensor, Global Spectrum LP, University of Central Florida Athletic Association, Inc., University of Central Florida, UCF Convocation Center Corp., and the State of Florida, and UCF Properties Corporation and their trustees, directors, officers and employees from and against any and all claims, suits, losses, injuries, damages, liabilities and expenses. PAGE 3o SECURITY STAFF All of our event security is staffed by Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC). Addition Financial Arena will schedule staff based on event needs. CSC is responsible for entry, back of house, and crowd control during the event. Note: If you have personal security traveling with the artist/performer, they are not allowed to carry a weapon on campus without prior approval from the University of Central Florida Police Department. SECURITY CHECKS Security checks are conducted for all guests entering the Arena via walk-through metal detectors and bag searches. POLICE DEPARTMENT STAFFING The University of Central Florida Police Department will handle all law enforcement needs, including special escorts on and off of campus. ON-SITE MEDICAL TEAM Addition Financial Arena will hire "Onsite Medical" for all event needs. An ambulance can also be arranged as needed. PAGE 31 EVENT MARKETING When an event is booked at Addition Financial Arena, our full-service marketing department will assist in promoting your event throughout the community. We can support your efforts by offering recommendations with marketing plans, promotions, media buying, digital marketing, public relations, and grassroots efforts to help ensure the correct level of exposure is being attained. We also offer group sales services. Please contact our Director of Marketing, Allison Dobin at Allison.Dobingspectraxp.com for further information and costs associated with our services. WEBSITE www.AdditionFiArena.com SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: Facebook.com/AdditionFiArena Instagram: ®AdditionFiArena Twitter: ®AdditionFiArena WEBSITE SPECS Website Asset Homepage Hero Event Page Detail Event Thumbnail Homepage Overlay* Secs say i in '•e file format 1400w x 650h 1400w x 500h 320w x 320h 700w x 700h *Additional cost may be associated with this asset Compatible File Format EVENT MARKETING PAGE 32 VENUE DIGITAL BOARD SPECS Video Dis•la Specs Arena Event Loop/Outside Spires 1920w x 1080h RGB, .jpeg format Centerhung Board* Top 1 408x x 100h Top 2 408w x 100h Top Full 816w x 100h Main 1920w x 1080h Bottom/GIP 816w x 111h Ribbon 3216w x 144h Wedge 132w x 672h Ribbon Boards* F1 NE/ F3 SE F2 E F4 S F5 SW F6 W F7 NW 1056w x 40h 2880w x 40h 2112w x 40h 1152w x 40h 2944w x 40h 1120w x 40h Graphic files: RGB, .jpeg format Video files accepted: .mp4, .mov, .avi Progressive, square pixel, 29.97 fps Ribbon: Within the comp (3216 x 144), your visible message must be animated or duplicated 4x (804 x 144) so that it can be seen by everyone Wedge: Wedge taper is 24 pixels long centered within a 132 x 672 comp. Please use the template that is provided. Graphic files: RGB, .jpeg format Video files accepted: .mp4, .mov, .avi, 15 second duration. Progressive, square pixel, 29.97 fps. *Additional costs may be associated with using Centerhung and Ribbon Board assets Fascia 4 S 3 Z ePseJ PAGE 33 EVENT MARKETING VENUE SIGNAGE COLLATERAL SPECS (ADDITIONAL COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH ALL) Specs (saved as .pdf file format) Arena Door Cling 24"w x 68"h Arena Lobby Poster 24"w x 36"h Arena Box Office Poster 22"w x 28"h DOOR CLINGS LOBBY POSTER BOX OFFICE POSTERS GOBO (EPS FILE NEEDED) PAGE 34 ON-SITE ACTIVATIONS SPONSORSHIP The University of Central Florida owns signage rights inside and outside the arena. Advertising signs or banners tenants wish to display must be pre-approved by Addition Financial Arena. GENERAL RULES • Helium balloons are not allowed in the building. • Stickers and adhesive backed decals are not to be given out in or around the building. • The cost of removing excessive tape will be the responsibility of the tenant. • Nails and screws are not to be driven into the arena floor and walls. GUIDELINES FOR EXHIBITING MOTORIZED VEHICLES • The maximum amount of fuel contained shall be no more than 1/4 tank or 5 gallons per vehicle. • Any vehicle with any type of leak will not be permitted to be displayed. • There shall be no refueling of vehicles inside the building. • There shall be no repair work done on vehicles while inside the building. • There shall not be any storage of flammable fuel in the building except for that which is in the vehicle. • Vehicles may not be started except for move-in and move-out. • Batteries must be disconnected at all times while in the building except for move-in and move-out. • Fuel tank doors must be locked or fuel caps taped shut. Please contact your Event Manager for additional questions/information. MERCHANDISE/NOVELTIES Addition Financial Arena partners with OuiVend for all merchandise sales. PAGE 35 FOOD AND BEVERAGE/ CATERING All food and beverage, concessions, and catering are operated and controlled by Spectra Food Services & Hospitality. Together with Addition Financial Arena, Spectra Food Services & Hospitality will determine the number of concession stands needed to serve the public for your event. All arrangements for serving food and beverages and sale of concessions should be made directly through Spectra. For questions related to concessions and/or catering, please contact Spectra Food Services & Hospitality General Manager Bruce Smith at Bruce.Smithaspectraxp.com. y ,MIMd?.? • PROHIBITED ITEMS INCLUDE, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED T X x BACKPACK SEAT CUSHION "4 PURSE OVERSIZED TOM BAG BINOCULARS CASE DIAPER BAG CAMERA CASE MESH BAG \/ FAMILY PACK AN ECCEPTION WILL BE MADE FOR MEDICALLY NECESSARY ITEMS AFTER PROPER INSPECTION AT THE FRONT DOORS. PLEASE LIMIT THE NUMBER OF ITEMS YOU BRING TO THE ARENA ON EVENT DAYS PAGE 36 ARENA RULES AND REGULATIONS SECURITY CHECKS Security checks are conducted for all guests entering the Arena via walk-through metal detectors and bag searches. BAG POLICY Addition Financial Arena has adopted a clear bag policy. The Arena does not allow backpacks of any kind or bags larger than 12" x 6" x 12" inside. Guests who bring backpacks or large bags will be asked to return them to their car before entering the building. APPROVED BAGS 12" 12" low smaller/ TOTE BAG 411001..115.. e7".. CLU7C11W1.111 Will57 SMALL PURSES PERMITTED APPROXIMATELY THE SIZE OF A HAND WITH OR WITHOUT A HANDLE OR STRAP. NO LARGER THAN 5.5- X 0.5- WITH OR WITHOUT A HANDLE OR STRAP. CAN BE CARRIED SEPARATELY OR WITHIN AN APPROVED PLASTIC BAG I GALL. P ASIIC V II CP.11.0 vava.1.1 PAGE 37 ARENA RULES AND REGULATIONS PATRON REGULATIONS The following items cannot be brought into the arena by its patrons: • Pets (Service Animals are permitted) • Outside food and beverages • Illegal Substances • Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia • Marijuana, Marijuana Products or Associated Paraphernalia • Laser Pointers • LED Light Gloves, LED Finger Lights or LED Hand Light Toys • • Hula Hoops • Balloons • Large Chains or Spiked Jewelry • • Drones • Wagons • • Skateboards • Scooters (motorized and non-motorized) • Glow Sticks • • Inline skates • Shoes with built-in wheels • • Bicycles • • Motorcycles • Tricycles • • Unicycles • • Pogo sticks • 2-wheeled vehicles, including SegwayTM Human Transporters • • Any trailer-like object that is pushed or towed by an ECV, wheelchair or stroller. • • Coolers (Exceptions may be made for special medical or • religious needs.) • Folding chairs, with the exception of cane-chair and seat- • walker mobility aids Glass containers including vases Water pistols, toy guns and replica weapons Sporting goods or equipment (e.g., baseball bats, helmets, hockey sticks, golf clubs, bows and arrows, camping equipment, chairs, stools, tables and Frisbees) Weapons of any kind (including—without limitation—guns, knives, billy clubs, brass knuckles, nunchucks, stars and other martial arts equipment) Self-defense equipment (e.g., pepper spray, mace, stun guns) Restraining devices (e.g., handcuffs, zip ties) or any suspicious items (e.g., box cutters, razor blades, duct tape, wire) Items that may be disruptive (e.g. Laser pointers, slingshots, stink bombs, air horns, fireworks) Cremated remains (e.g., urns, vases, boxes) Miscellaneous other items (tools, fire extinguishers, musical instruments, megaphones, pots and pans) Items with spikes (e.g. purses, bracelets, etc.) Selfie sticks (hand-held extension poles for cameras and mobile devices) Tripods or free-standing photography equipment of any kind E-cigarettes or vaporizers including JUUL's Large and/or offensive signs that could obstruct the view of someone else Guests are not permitted to pull items behind them. Any item that requires a Guest to pull it behind him or her, including a stroller, is not permitted into the arena. PAGE 38 ARENA RULES AND REGULATIONS CAMERA POLICY As a general rule, professional cameras with a detachable/zoom lens and recording devices of any kind (including tablets) are not permitted inside Addition Financial Arena. This is subject to change on an event-by-event basis. If photography is permitted during an event, the device's flash MUST be turned off or the patron will be asked to leave the building. If by chance, a patron brings a camera or recording device to an event, the patron will be asked to return that item to his or her vehicle. RE-ENTRY POLICY As a general rule, once a patron leaves Addition Financial Arena during an event, there is no re-entry permitted unless another ticket is purchased. LOST AND FOUND Lost and Found is located at the Guest Relations office on the southeast main concourse. ATM An Addition Financial ATM is located on the second-floor concourse. ALCOHOL Alcoholic beverages are served for select events at Addition Financial Arena. For UCF collegiate events, alcoholic beverages will not be served in general public areas. SMOKING The University of Central Florida is a Smoke Free Campus. Smoking is defined as inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying any lighted or heated cigar, cigarette, pipe, or other inhalant device in which tobacco, tobacco substitute, or other material is smoked. This extends to e-cigarettes and vaporizers. To read more about UCF's smoke free policy, please visit www.ucf.edu/smokefree. ARENA RULES AND REGULATIONS RE-SELLING OF TICKETS (HUCKSTERING/SCALPING) PAGE 39 Re-selling of tickets by private parties is allowed on property but must be done away from the Box Office in designated area. SELLING OF ILLEGAL MERCHANDISE (BOOTLEGGING) Selling of illegal merchandise (merchandise not sold under the approval of Addition Financial Arena Management) is prohibited on Addition Financial Arena and University property. Additional Arena Rules & Regulations can be found on our website, www.AdditionFiArena.com. PAGE 40 PARKING There are over 4,000 parking spaces within walking distance to Addition Financial Arena that can be utilized for event parking as needed. This includes four (4) parking garages and two (2) surface lots. Parking charges vary per event. LEGEND 0 Arena Main Entrance 0 Arena VIP Entrance 0 The Venue Entrance • Addition Arena • The Venue at UCF El Parking Garages Knights Plaza FOR PATRONS WITH DISABILITIES The entrances at the Main Lobby level of the arena are wheelchair accessible. Designated handicapped parking is available in Garages F & D. Two elevators are available inside the arena in the Main Lobby. ADA seating is available at various locations around both the floor and concourses. The arena is equipped with an in-house listening device system for the hearing impaired.

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The Venue at UCF Production Guide
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