Our Team

Spectra is an industry leader in hosting and entertainment, partnering with clients to create memorable experiences for millions of visitors every year. Spectra’s unmatched blend of integrated services delivers incremental value for clients through several primary areas of expertise: Venue Management, Food Services & Hospitality, and Partnerships. Learn more at SpectraExperiences.com.


  • Joe Imbriaco

    General Manager

  • Lavar Smith

    Assistant General Manager


  • Daniel Hewitt

    Senior Operations Manager

  • Dillon Huster

    Operations Manager

  • Jacklyn Morris

    Operations Coordinator

Event Management / Marketing

  • Allison Dobin

    Director of Marketing

  • Valentina Rodriguez

    Marketing Manager

  • Bianca Maldonado

    Event Manager

  • Hope Paccione

    Event Manager

Box Office / Group Sales

  • Greg Gilbertson

    Director of Ticketing

  • Stan Macko

    Group and Premium Sales Manager


  • Nicole Williams

    Director of Finance

  • Renae Tucker

    Office Manager