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burn the ships | world tour 2019

October 12th, 2019

7:00 PM

Door Time: Doors open at 6:00PM
Parking Information: Parking is $10 cash only.

This fall for KING & COUNTRY would like to personally invite you to a theatrical and inspirational night of music and stories like you’ve never experienced. The band will be coming to arenas across the United States & Canada, taking the stage at the top of the show and will play more music than ever before – including every song off their most recent album, burn the ships and all your favorites from previous albums. And in honor of burn the ships – the stage and lighting design will be conceptually inspired by the bow of a ship, spanning the length of the arena floor and making it their most elaborate but intimate production yet. They cannot wait to embark on this voyage with you!

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Groups Discounts Groups of 10 or More Save! Save $5 per ticket on select price levels f or KING & COUNTRY ORLANDO, FL • OCTOBER 12 ADDITION FINANCIAL ARENA for King & Country October 12th at 7:00 pm DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE ON SELECT PRICE POINTS. Seats subject to a availability. Additional fees apply. Deadline to purchase Group Tickets is Friday, October 11, 2019 Lower Level - $37.50 Lower Level / Upper Level - $17.50 For more information or to place a group order for the shows, contact Stan Macko at Addition Financial Arena Group Sales at stan.mackoPuctedu or call 407-823-6062

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for KING & COUNTRY - burn the ships (Official Music Video) 00:14 [Music] 00:24 you 00:25 [Music] 00:35 how did we get here across the way we're 00:41 lonely sure I can see you I still it's 00:49 hard to take for a morning boy we've got 00:55 to burn the ships cut the ties and flame 00:59 to the night say prayer turn the tide 01:03 dry it season wave goodbye Stefan 01:22 so now 01:23 [Music] 01:27 socha back 01:28 [Music] 01:39 so lady 01:43 this fear this fear of falling again 01:48 [Music] 01:52 I'll be right here until the end 01:57 oh it stops you burn the ships cut the 02:02 ties and the flame into the night same 02:05 prayer tomb time try it see you soon 02:08 wave goodbye Stefan soon 02:14 [Music] 02:21 [Music] 02:26 so now 02:28 [Music] 02:34 [Music] 02:43 soon to shame 02:46 Oh through the son 02:49 [Music] 02:51 into tomorrow the field 02:57 disappear swag 03:03 again 03:12 [Music] 04:02 [Music] 04:22 you 04:23 [Music]